Motorisation for Roller Blinds & Curtains

Bring convenience to your life with smart home automation for curtains and roller blinds from Sawade.

Motorised Curtains Adelaide

Quiet and stylish, motorised curtains add a touch of luxury and elegance to your Adelaide home or office. Sawade offers full motorisation and smarthome smarts on all its custom curtain installations in Adelaide. The ultra-efficient and silent motorised system let’s you take control of the light you let into your dwelling via wall-mounted panel, remote control or online app.

Ask us about further smart home options to integrate with Amazon’s Alexa/Echo, Google Home/Nest or support for Apple Home.

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Roller Blind Automation Adelaide

The future is here! Home automation can extend to your roller blinds thanks to Sawade, Adelaide’s home for stylish roller blinds.

Yes, your roller blinds can be unfurled or raised via an automated timer, remote control or even via a smartphone app. Looking like you’re home is a sinch with Sawade. Give your indoor plants the light they need and then automatically lower your roller blinds to protect your floors and furniture from extended light exposure.

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Are Motorised Curtains & Roller Blinds Worth It?

At first blush, it would seem to be an extravagance, but if you’re not at home often, curtain and roller blind automation could have some significant benefits.

For one, as you can operate them via timers, you can set them up to roll up when the sun is at its harshest to protect your floors and objects. Operating on timers, in tandem with your lights will also give the impression that you’re home, possibly spooking or dissuading would-be criminals.

For tall windows or for those that are hard to reach, or if you have aging relatives about, then these little touches will be God-send. No more struggling to access any shade! With just a push of a button or a voice command, you’ll be taking control.

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FAQ on Motorised Roller Blinds & Curtains

Are motorised blinds worth it?

Yes. With motorised blinds you can easily access those hard-to-reach tall windows and make tedious tasks like opening multiple large windows at once a breeze! For older folks, that can be a significant blessing too, plus from a privacy standpoint, you know that you’ve closed all your shades if you’ve automated the lot to close on command.

Are motorised blinds or curtains noisy?

No. Most modern systems are incredibly silent. The best way to be sure is to drop into the showroom to hear them for yourself.

How long do motorised blinds battery last?

Motorised blinds that are connected to your homes main system and operated with a smart phone can last indefinitely if they don’t sustain any kind of damage. On the other hand, battery powered blinds will need battery replacements about every five years.